The Legacy Antique Emporium

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The Village, Florida 32162

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Prior to relocating from Pennsylvania to Florida to enjoy our retirement years my husband collected antiques, first state stamps, decoys, decoy prints and primitives from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  When we moved to the Villages, my husband continued to attend estate and garage sales.  Now, six years later, we have four air controlled storage units filled with antiques, fine art, fun art and other collectibles.  While my husband collected treasures I became interested in researching the items he purchased from individuals who also relocated to the Villages from all of the United States and from all parts of the world.  I loved researching the treasures.  We discovered that people who relocated to the Villages relocated with their treasures indigenous to their part of the country and their part of the world. 

As you can imagine, we have quite a collection steeped in American History and World Cultures.  Almost each item has a story that former owners enjoyed sharing with us. Now, somewhat concerned with consumption, we are diligent in our pursuits to pass on these hidden treasures that had their time in history and we are hopeful, will be appreciated in the lives of people in days to come. Like those residents of the Villages and surrounding areas who collected these treasures throughout their lifetimes from the locales where they lived before relocating to the Villages, we are now at that point in our lives where we are now ready to pass their treasures on to someone else who will appreciate them during their lifetimes.  Our desire is to share the treasures and histories that accompany these treasures in hopes that you will appreciate and enjoy them in your lives and homes as much as we have in ours for many years..

The Legacy Antique Emporium




Our mission is to promote the notion that ART INSPIRES ART by presenting opportunities to all with a promise to nurture their human spirit and inspire -  one person at a time with a special piece of history – whether it be an original art piece by a Master or a fun art piece, or an antiquity or a vintage collectible, our intent is to remind them that art will always remain one of a civil society's two ABSOLUTES! 

 We hope to bring you feelings of serenity, beauty and enjoyment with our art collection !